Fertilizer Program

Our fertilizer programs include six applications, including one in early Spring, late Spring, for broadleaf weed control, early Summer, early Fall and late Fall.

Early Spring Application

This application will help your lawn green up and will also have crabgrass pre-emergent included. This pre-emergent DOES NOT control broadleaf weeds, but only helps prevent new crabgrass from growing.

Late Spring Application

This application will help your lawn continue to grow and green up. This application will also coincide with your broadleaf weed control.

Broadleaf Weed Control

In the late Spring, we will spray your property with a weed control to kill broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, chickweed and henbit.

Early Summer Application

This fertilizer is used to sustain that beautiful look throughout the summer months, assuming you are watering your grass throughout the year. Grubs can really damage your turf by eating at the plant’s roots. We recommend the grub control to prevent this from happening.

Early Fall Application

This application will rebuild your turf from all of that summer stress and give it energy going into the winter months.

Late Fall Application

Your last application is the most important one. The roots of your turf need to store carbohydrates throughout the Winter. When Spring arrives, your grass will have strong and deep roots and will grow and green up much faster.